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Service Planning and Certification

Peace of Mind Surrounding Replacement Conservatory Solid roofs.

Explained in Simple Terms

  1. All replacement solid roofs have to comply to building regulations
  2. Replacement roofs can be certificated on their own if prior agreement with a certification company has been arranged and fitted by an approved fitter using a certificated fitting system
  3. If replacement frames are being fitted they need to be fitted with at least C rated Low emission glass but more so rated to optimize the warm roof and room.
  4. If a complete room is being fitted unlike a conservatory, planning permission and build regulations are required
If you want a finished building regulation certificate you have to use our survey and fitting process. This is because we have built up a reputation with our certification company and we will not cut corners and work exactly with our certification partners to get you the end result.
A building regulation certificate that not only adds instant value to your home, but if you come to sell you are sound in the knowledge that any solicitor will accept this as part of your home improvements. If you are just replacing an existing conservatory roof you do not require planning permission just building regs.


  1. Building Regulations and a Replacement Solid Conservatory Roof
    If you are replacing an existing conservatory roof it has to be an accredited system surveyed and fitted in an agreed way so that the Certification company has the necessary evidence to certificate your new conservatory solid roof to building regulations.

  2. Building Regulations and a Replacement Solid Conservatory Roof and Frames
    If you are keeping an existing base, it has to be surveyed and checked to make sure its complies and is secure for our system. We will then we fit frames and a new tiled conservatory roof with our in house trained fitting teams whilst supplying the certification company the necessary evidence so they can issue a building regulation compliance certificate

  3. Planning and Building Regulations for New Solid Roof Conservatories
    If you do not have an existing conservatory to convert to a tiled roof conservatory, you are effectively building an extension. For this you will need to first of all have a site survey from us and then we will take care of all the planning permission for you. This is a separate service from our usual replacement service and can take 4-8wks depending on your local planning office. We only charge for our time and drawings. All other fees are charged by your local council who ever you decide to use

Do you need planning permission for your tiled conservatory roof?

Do the council want a fee to even talk to you about your proposed solid conservatory roof ?
We don't !

Give us a call or email our team and we'll do all we can to help and give you advice FREE of charge on whether you require planning permission*. If you need planning permission for your tiled conservatory roof.

Well make the process simple and hassle free.

A quick explanation of the differences between Planning and building regulations :-

  • . Planning Permission - is obtaining approval to build.
  • . Building Regulations - is checking its being built correctly to the correct specification.

No site visit required, Plans ready within 5 working days,You only need your smart phone, a quote including free drawings from us

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Take 3 photos

Step 2

Get a Quote


Email us and we will be in touch

1. Photograph you house:

Take a picture of each elevation of your property, front, back, left and right sides. Any extra pictures of trees and fences are always a help.

2. Get your Free quote and Drawings:

Design and price you free replacement conservatory roof and get a quotation with free 3d Drawings

3. Email us the photos along with your name and address:

drawings@conservatorybasecompany.co.uk We'll then produce fully compliant detailed planning permission cad drawings showing existing and proposed elevations of your property, well also supply a ordinance survey map map, block plan and complete all planning application forms. Well do all this with 5 working days.


If you want, we will submit the plans to your Local Authority at no extra charge! Yes We'll then act as your agents and submit and see through your planning application.
As our fees are fixed this will include all application forms, ordinance survey maps and scale drawings required to see through your application.
We'll keep you up to date throughout the process
*(All planning applications may require a council fee of £172 regardless if you or we submit them).