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Service Survey

Conservatory Roof Replacement Survey Service

Eliminating Risk

IF you are unsure about any part of your conservatory roof replacement we now offer a survey service. We only charge a minimal fee of £250 that covers the time to get to site as we are sure that after meeting our team that you will feel confident with enough knowledge to purchase that dream tiled conservatory roof. Our experienced surveyor that is MTC approved and will cover all aspects of your proposed tiled conservatory roof and check for all the hidden instances that a new builder might not such see as height restrictions or boiler flues etc etc

Generally we take around a 7-10 days to get out to you as we like to optimist our surveyors work journeys to make him as efficient as possible but in some cases if we are in the area we will be out quicker. Our surveyor will take away all the worry of the measuring the site correctly but more so be also available for you to ask and alter your design on site to make sure that its exactly as you want it. Obviously if there are some dramatic changes these are chargeable but will be clear and concise for you to see on our after survey requite. If there are no changes your survey's quotation price will stand.
If you decide for us to certificate your roof for you, we will need to survey your conservatory roof replacement as part of our certification process that couples with the fitting and the registration process.
Unfortunately our survey service is the only part of our service that is not refundable once the survey takes place. It is the only commitment we charge for as we sub side the survey to make the whole process cost effective for you. If a survey is unsuccessful in its findings and we cannot replace you existing conservatory roof a refund will not be issued for the survey but a roof deposit refund will be.
To help vitiate this if you do have any worries before survey talk to one of the design team and send them some photos. We don't want to waste your or our money and time either.

Roof and Frame Survey

If you are concerned about whether your old frames are up to the job please request a frame survey as well. It may well be more cost effective in the long run to replace old cold window frames with beautiful new sculptured A+ rated Warm window. The survey price is same we just need to allow a little longer to check the frames and glass. Just speak to our helpful design team about this.

The Process

Once you have paid your deposit and survey fee your paperwork will be posted to you along with a copy for the surveyor. The surveyor will also be emailed your initial design and specification. All our surveyors book their own diaries and will contact you directly, we do this so you both can book a time to suit you both. Also they may be in your area sooner and may wish to see if they can arrange a quicker date.