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hup! Flat Roof

hup! Flat Roof

Our flat roof extensions are made with hup! and offer several benefits that make it a popular choice for you as a homeowner or trader. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Unlimited design flexibility:

- hup! offers limitless possibilities for your dreams with its system, allowing you to create any style or size that suits your home. You can choose from five different roofs to design a vaulted or flat ceiling, incorporating integrated roof-lights to bring in ample natural light. Combine these features with any wall finish to perfectly complement your home. Whether you envision admiring the view, creating a cosy space, or establishing a practical kitchen area, hup! is fully customisable. The specialist hup! software assists you in visualising your selected designs.

2. Fast:

- hup! offers a better way to build, reducing the construction time significantly compared to traditional methods. what used to take months can now be accomplished in weeks with hup!, and what previously took weeks can be completed in days. the construction process is adaptable to any weather condition, carried out by a single experienced team. hup!'s rapid connection technology ensures that your new hup! can be erected five times faster. delivered as a flat-packed kit, the construction process eliminates on-site cutting and waste, providing a cleaner and more efficient alternative to escape the mess and disruption commonly associated with home extensions. hup! really is the better way to build.

3. Hassle free:

- hup! offers a hassle-free approach to building. One familiar team takes care of the entire project, and with our advanced design software, there's no need for an architect. Building Regulations become straightforward. Your hup! team will provide visualizations, timelines, and pricing, ensuring you have complete confidence that your beautiful extension will be delivered on time and within budget.


4. Energy efficient:

- The escalating energy costs are a concern for everyone, but hup! stands out as five times more energy-efficient than the average UK home, effectively minimizing heating expenses. This not only alleviates concerns about soaring heating bills but also adds an attractive selling point for potential buyers interested in the prospect of long-term low energy costs. Besides being pocket-friendly, hup! demonstrates environmental kindness with zero waste from manufacturing processes, setting it apart from many traditional building materials.


5. High quality:

- With hup!, a high-quality finish is guaranteed consistently. Designed and manufactured by Ultraframe, the UK leader in extension and roofing technology for around 40 years, hup! is produced under tightly controlled conditions in a BBA-approved factory. The Ultrapanel technology within hup!’s walls is also BBA approved, boasting a lifespan of at least 60 years. Utilizing advanced manufacturing software ensures that every component fits together quickly and easily, ensuring a perfect build every time. Furthermore, all hup! builders undergo rigorous training to maintain a circle of quality from design to manufacture to installation.

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